Sometimes our thoughts are backed by so much insecurity

that they create lies we believe.

I think we all have fears and there is nothing wrong with accepting that,

but the problem comes when we try to counter these fears by cultivating illusions.

Insecure people have deeper underlying issues

based on ego, loneliness, esteem and fear of judgment.


What is your story?

Beautiful girl with a picture perfect smile

Why is your stare so distant?

Beautiful girl with a picture perfect smile

Why are your eyes so sad?

Beautiful girl with a picture perfect smile

Why is your gaze so empty?

Beautiful girl with a picture perfect smile

What is the story you are trying to mask

With perfectly spread lips

Happy Birthday Child

I want you to know how much I appreciate you and that I respect your honesty and simplicity

What do you think makes you – You? I think it’s your sweet nature and the way that you care so much about others. I think it’s your smile and your infectious laugh. Actually, you being you is one of the best things you could have ever been!!

Even though you’ve turned 18 and are technically an adult, don’t be fooled. You are still a kid and will be for next 18 years! Personally, I couldn’t care less if you were 18 or 80. It all means the same thing to me: Time to party!

Don’t worry, you still don’t have to take yourself seriously.

We certainly won’t. We all know for a fact that you are still just the cute little girl in a yellow dress and beaded cornrows

My advice to you on your 18th birthday is: don’t be afraid to make mistakes, to fall in love, or to ask for help. Also, save money (less fun but also very important.)

Turning 18 is a great life experience. Don’t miss the excitement!

I hope you’ll keep an open heart and open spirit as you gain life experience. Happy Birthday, Lainey

Ps; Now that you’re 18, you need to be careful about the mischief you cause or else I can sue you! (No more pranks on good old Aunt 😂😂)