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I Love You One Cupcake at a Time


I told my niece i was feeling blue and she baked these with a note that said. "How about feeling green"

I have sweet tooth and the people around me speak my love language


The day before my birthday


My Haloween treat


When this came in i was certain it was a cupcake bit....


Now they love me one slice of cake at a time


Small Shoes to Fill Yet With Very Big Dreams


Small Shoes to Fill

If anyone has very high expectations of me, it is my nephew. To him I make superman almost invisible.

You should hear the confidence in his voice as he assures others that, “Oh wait til i tell my aunt about it or you should see my aunt, never mind i will talk to my aunt…..”

I thought he would outgrow this but the dream are actually getting a bit bigger (and more expensive) hahaha.

While I take this on with  so much pride, sometimes I worry that I will let him and crush his faith, hope and dreams.

We do have an open relationship and for the things that are beyond me, i do explain to him but am getting a little frustrated inside that my responses are more of i would have loved to but… because he has outgrown building sand castles,  going to the park to play with his ball, movie night with the latest toy story to more constructive dreams

Cant complain even a single bit because each day i try to be that aunt he will still look up to when he turns 16, or 25 or 50.

The Small Shoes to Fill Yet With Big Dreams have give me a greater purpose for living