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Dear Bully……

Your five seconds of trying to prove to the world that you are the alpha male in the pack not only damage someone’s esteem but they leave scars beyond the person you are trying to shrink so that you feel better about yourself.

Today, two loving parents are grieving the loss of their only daughter who took her life because she was tired of being a “misfit”. DEAR MR/MS BULLY, BET YOUR EGO IS SKY-HIGH NOW!!


Not everyone has the boldness of the likes of Taylor Swift who outright warned her bullies that if they do it again, she will write a song about them and they wont like it.

Parents don’t be quick to defend your child when the teacher tries to address issues concerning their character. Your cute little munchkin could the one tormenting and victimizing other children. Let’s face it, most children have a tendency to dial up “the charm” when we are around but later display their true character with strangers.

Watch out for things bubbles like need to dominate others, blaming other people for their mistakes, deriving satisfaction from fear or pain or others, lovs spreading rumours, lack of empathy, loves teasing others and is smooth talker in tough situations. You need to stop fostering bullying by addressing these issues

As for the adults, there is a thin line between bullying and sarcasm. While you are trying to be funny, you may be tearing down someone. Be mindful of what you say.

To the family that has to go home to an empty nest, may the Lord strengthen you