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Will You Keep Holding My Hand


Will You Keep Holding My Hand?

When I am inconsolable and caved in,

Will you help me through tomorrow?

When I am gravid with words unsaid and my silence is loud,

Will you still understand?

Will you keep holding my hand?


When I am delusional, senile, disoriented or emotional,

Will you make the best decision for me or will you choose the convenient one?

When you are mad, unappreciated and worn out,

Will you let the insolent fate take me away from you?

Will you keep holding my hand?


Pray For Others


You have the ability to help someone else reach their destination. There people God has put in your life to lift them up. When you reach out to another you are sowing a seed for God to bless you. “Galatians 6; 2 says, Bear one another’s burdens.” Life can be heavy sometimes!!! We were not created to carry the burden on our own.  When we pray for others we lighten the load.


Every time you pray, you not only tell someone you are in their corner cheering them on but also great things happen. Ask God to protect them, strengthen them, make their paths straight, bless and guard their dreams and plans. Your prayer may heal a child that is hurting, it may give someone who is tired another chance to life, it may be the reason someone afford a smile today.

When you pray things change, God is working behind the scenes. You don’t have to tell people that you are praying for them, just stand in the gap, be the warrior who covers them when they are down. None of us got where we are on our own; someone out there prayed for us, made positive remarks about us jokingly or in the heat of the moment, prophesied about you or held our hand.

We are blessed to be blessings.



I always rolled my eyes so hard whenever I heard silly lyrics like “Too much love will kill you” that at times I would worry that one fateful day they will get stuck in the sockets, until I actually fell in love.

16836274_1451983824832148_8819617582666693124_o (1)

You see, I am not into long-term relationships but for some reason I wasn’t about to let this one go. I gave it all the love, time and attention. Little did I know that this TLC would be the death of it; the leaves were droopy and the stem looked dry!

I shared my frustration with the co-owner who explained that the roots were rotting. Poor thing needed 1-2 ice cubes a week and here I was drowning it in half a glass of water every morning.

Now I know for sure, too much love can kill plants!