The Blessing

As parents you have the ability to impact your children like no one else can. Without your approval and validation, the child will feel a void. Every child needs the blessing of their parents. Many adults suffer today from self-esteem, working all the time, trying to prove that they are good enough, all because of their parents lack of affirmation.

The parents never told them, “I am proud of you”. They are struggling to measure up to gain this approval especially from their fathers. Parents have the ability to give their children something no one else can. Other people may tell them how special they are, but when you tell them it carries a whole new weight.

As a parent you have the God-given authority to bless your child. Every time you say i am proud of you, i love you, you are beautiful, God releases strength, value, confidence, security. Those are not just nice words. It’s what the scripture calls the blessing. You are propelling your child towards their destiny.

With our busy lives, its easy to be side tracked, or to be at odds with our children, we tell ourselves that when i get extra time on my hands i will spend time with them, when they straighten up i will be nicer, or you automatically believe they know you are proud of them because you told them five years back, but they need to hear it again and again.

Don’t withhold your love, your blessing your affection. You may not have received this from your parents; they were not there when you were growing up, or may be they were there but all they did was correct you, tell you what you are doing wrong, they didn’t show you affection, make you feel valuable don’t let that negative cycle get past to the next generation.


You can be the difference maker, you can set a new standard. Start blessing your children. Start calling out their seeds of greatness, telling them what they can become, prophesying their future. Let them know you are their number one fan.

Without your blessing, your children will struggle in areas they didn’t have to struggle in. There is a reason people are insecure, promiscuous, overly competitive, many time the root cause may be traced back to never getting affirmation from their parents. It’s not too late to reach out as parent. Your validation of your child’s accomplishments, milestones, could be the turning point in their lives. It can put an end to the issues they have been dealing with. It can bring a wholeness in their lives.

A parent holds a blessing that is a strategic piece to our puzzle. There is a reason people are secure, confident, valuable, it has a lot to do with the blessing of their parents. If a young lady doesn’t get affection from her father, she will go on looking for it from other men. It’s from the fathers that little girls draw a benchmark of what love is. They all look at them as their heroes who can do right about anything. They will let other men treat them the way you treated them. They no doubt experience their mother’s love but you are their first boyfriend. It all starts with you. It is all going to be compared to the love you show her.

That is why as fathers, you not only have to treat your wives with honor and respect but you also have to treat your daughters as queens. You are setting the tone for how she will allow other people to treat her. If you are harsh, rude, condescending, you are selling her mediocrity.

Let us set a legacy. This is what you are passing down, more than your money, your values, your principles. That is what is going to live on. Model excellence, model integrity. give your children a blessing, let them know that they were made in the image of God, that they have seeds of greatness in the inside.

J Osteen


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