My deepest sympathies with you my dear friend.

I am really sorry you are going through this at such a tender age.
For a person who has experienced loss of people dear to me before (a mother, father and a sister) you would think i would know what to say. But i don’t.
Pain is so personal, every loss hits us differently.

 I understand when you feel puzzled and angry when you hear statements like “i understand what you are going through”

 Or the resentment from untimely statements like “its God’s plan or the Lord gives and takes away” 

I understand the blank stare you give such people as you wonder whether they will ever understand the void this loss has caused you, the plans unmet or the good times you will never share. And don’t get me wrong, they mean well. But sometimes just a big hug and being there speak louder than the words.

I wish i could take away the pain but i cant!!

You are going to have days of anger, and moments where every breathe feels like someone is tightening a corset will all their might and everything within you is shrinking. But those days and moments will pass.

Cry as hard as you can for its from grieving that healing begins.

But most of all, just know that i am always a text away whenever you want to talk or vent your frustration.


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