Monthly Archives: December 2016

Merry Christmas

May your hearts be filled with joy this Christmas; and your homes burst with laughter and love.

Merry Christmas 🙂


Chained by my gender, free me!!


It feels like my gender dictates my destiny!

As soon as I take my first step, the training begins

How I should walk, talk, dress and behave.

My role in the home is clearly defined

A cook, a cleaner, a caretaker and later a wife and baby maker.

You deform me in the name of culture

The mutilation, sterilization and all sorts of initiations.

You treat me like property and gag my voice!

I am not only a WOMAN; I am just as HUMAN

I am intelligent, a leader, a provider so the glass ceiling must crush.

I am more than the stereotype my gender dictates, FREE ME!!