Monthly Archives: September 2016

Tales of a Proud Aunt

Looking at the many drawings by this little angel, i cant help but wonder how much i have “transformed” and how gifted our little munchkin is.

Felt like sharing the many faces of this proud Aunt.

You may have to squinch a little to see Talitha, i have a feeling she is hiding behind my long hair.​

Thats me in the rain wearing the pink scarf they had given me for Christmas

I had just cut and colored my hair and she thought i looked really beautiful

This was on mothers day. Her big sister helped her write out the message though she came up with the descriptions on the card.

I don’t quite remember what this was about but i still feel cute

This is definately not me but i felt its worth sharing. She made this yesterday, both the sketch and the the beading. 

Super proud of the strides my beautiful niece is taking