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Tales of a Proud Aunt

Sunday was one of those days where a single phone call messes up your entire day.

My upbeat demeanour quickly changed to being quiet and isolated and anything the girls did to cheer me up didn’t yield much. 

Out of frustration the youngest said, “have fun in your cranky world.” I told her i was sorry for the terrible mood but someone had pooped my day.

Monday  evening when i returned from work i found these two amazing cusshions on my couch and a note that said,

When someone poops on your day just smile anyway because they cannot match the love we have for you.

I was so touched that i cried, happy tears though. These are some of the blessings in life i never take for granted.




A year back i joined an interactive forum which discusses current affairs mainly human rights, race, politics and any other trending topics.
Once in a while there is that one person who puts up an arguement or reference and you practically bruise your brain from rolling your eyes wondering whether they are in their right mind. 
Your obnoxious self is quick to judge as to why “at worst” they couldn’t make google their friend. And in most cases its not because they don’t know what they are talking about. Its just that they don’t take off time to listen and comprehend what others share. They just pick out a few words and base their contribution on that.
Well this evening i was that person during this quiz like game show with the girls. The response i gave would leave Trump mouthing something like, “SHE DID NOT!!!” with all the sass in the world due of my failure to listen. 
Well, i missed out on the key word “marine” and gave Zebra as the answer to the …Marine black and white animal……. ( yeah yeah, go ahead and laugh)
Moral of this marine zebra is that listen listen and listen. There is nothing as fulfilling as engaging people based on their statements or in my case giving more educated/sensible responses. 
“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”

Stephen R. Covey,

Tales Of a Proud Aunt

Failed to make the long planned trip to Italy with the girls at the last minute due to health setbacks. I really felt so bad about it but thanks to technology the girls kept updating me on each day’s events on  snapchat.

Usually i get a cheecky cup and beautiful rocks (the little one religiously picks one for me from every town they stop) from most of their trips whether its a school trip or a family trip but this time i was surprised with the variety of Italian pasta they got me. I am covered til next year i guess since i still dine solo :):):)