Tales of a proud Aunt

My youngest niece was in a good mood today and she volunteered to prepare dinner. She locked herself in the kitchen because she wanted to wow us with her presentation.

Few minutes into cooking she excitedly announced that she is making my chicken extra spicy since i am the only one who loves spicy food in the house And extra spicy it was!
Little did she know that the spices would spread to the rest of the sauce. While i really enjoyed my meal, the rest were struggling to finish theirs so that they don’t disappoint her.

I made her a quick meal (Baked Salmon and Salads) and i told her i was really happy the sauce was extra spicy because then i get more for myself.

The bright smile on her face, i dont know whether it was  relief or pride that i really enjoyed her food is one of those smiles you wish you had captured to store in you memory box.

Everyday life presents us with precious moments. With some you have to look again and again and again to see their beauty, and others they are in form of precious little girls.


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