Tales of a proud aunt

Those who have watched Lion King …th times like me are familiar with the exciting dedication of Simba and his graceful ascension to the throne to take his place as king.

This evening i relived the scenes as i witnessed our Little Tara, the thumb sucking girl, our princess who watched Grandpa in my in my pocket, Charlie & Lola and Mr Maker religiously ascend the throne and take her place as Queen of Chess after beating her mentor in less than 30 minutes.
Her limits were pushed with a professional setting; the timer and one touch rule but she kept calm and collected and to our surprise she brought her A game. 
Most people her age would crack under pressure, not her. She played fast and smart. And being a very observant person, she mastered her opponents strong pieces and targeted them first weakening her defense and manupulating her tactics. This girl is the one to watch!!!!!


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