Teaching ‘Happy Fingers’ Piano

I resolved to take up many 12 challenges this year one of which was playing an instrument. This summer two sweet buds volunteered to teach me piano and a new language and for me it was a perfect opportunity to add to my violin lessons since my teacher in and out of the country.
*The piano keys are black and white but they sound like a million colors in your mind*
_Maria Cristina Mena_


Initially i thought it would be as easy as tapping one key after another but i have come to appreciate my “teachers” who have to repeat each lesson 3-4 times. 
Other than enjoying the priceless look on their faces as they struggle not to lose it, i have personally learnt how to practice patience even when people dont deserve it. One requires a power-bank of patience to try again and again and again to teach someone who is easily destructed/diverted for when the natural reserve runs out.
Oh and the classes come with added benefits like an improved posture (one of the teachers practically cringes everytime i slouch, she feels like i am violating piano ethics!!) 
I also read about other benefits like; Eye-hand coordination is developed while playing it can reduce anxiety, stress and lowers blood pressure, affect the mental health of an individual (prevents depression), keeps your ears young and 

It helps with language skills which is a bonus for my extra language ambitions.


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