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Tales of a proud Aunt

My youngest niece was in a good mood today and she volunteered to prepare dinner. She locked herself in the kitchen because she wanted to wow us with her presentation.

Few minutes into cooking she excitedly announced that she is making my chicken extra spicy since i am the only one who loves spicy food in the house And extra spicy it was!
Little did she know that the spices would spread to the rest of the sauce. While i really enjoyed my meal, the rest were struggling to finish theirs so that they don’t disappoint her.

I made her a quick meal (Baked Salmon and Salads) and i told her i was really happy the sauce was extra spicy because then i get more for myself.

The bright smile on her face, i dont know whether it was  relief or pride that i really enjoyed her food is one of those smiles you wish you had captured to store in you memory box.

Everyday life presents us with precious moments. With some you have to look again and again and again to see their beauty, and others they are in form of precious little girls.


Tales of a proud aunt

Those who have watched Lion King …th times like me are familiar with the exciting dedication of Simba and his graceful ascension to the throne to take his place as king.

This evening i relived the scenes as i witnessed our Little Tara, the thumb sucking girl, our princess who watched Grandpa in my in my pocket, Charlie & Lola and Mr Maker religiously ascend the throne and take her place as Queen of Chess after beating her mentor in less than 30 minutes.
Her limits were pushed with a professional setting; the timer and one touch rule but she kept calm and collected and to our surprise she brought her A game. 
Most people her age would crack under pressure, not her. She played fast and smart. And being a very observant person, she mastered her opponents strong pieces and targeted them first weakening her defense and manupulating her tactics. This girl is the one to watch!!!!!

Pray, Pray, Pray and Pray some more

James 5:16….. The heartfelt and persistent prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much….
If your dream doesn’t intimidate you then its insulting to God. Dream big well knowing that your Father in Heaven isn’t limited to anything. 
It doesn’t matter what style you reach out to Him for the desires of your heart as along as its not with selfish intentions, He will hear your cry. He said ask and you will receive, knock and the door will open, seek and you will find and He has never changed His mind about His promise towards you.
Quit reasoning and justifying yourself just do you. Jacob lived off his sophistry until he met his match Laban. He decided to go back home when he realised he had had enough and besides there was no more race left in him to keep hiding and running from his brother. Fast forward, Jacob wrestled with an angel the entire night and he left with both a limp and a blessing. His persistance paid off.

Genesis 32: 26
 The man said, “Let me go; it’s daybreak.”Jacob said, “I’m not letting you go ’til you bless me.”
Abraham whose faith everyone commends persistently “bargained” with Lord for the few righteous people left in sodom

Genesis 18:23-32

Abraham approached [the Lord] and said, “Will You really sweep away the righteous with the wicked ? 24 Suppose there are fifty righteous [people] within the city; will You really sweep it away and not spare it for the sake of the fifty righteous who are in it? ……….
And his bargain deal went as low as 10 people and a handful of people were saved because he never gave up.
David danced in an undignified manner and his craziness paid off. He found favor before God. 

Elijah prayed for rain and he had to check several times whether there was a sign and on the seventh time he saw a cloud the size of a hand. Many people would have stopped by the third or second time not Elijah, he pushed on til he got what he prayed for.

Do not wait for the man of God or any other middle man to. Approach Him as His child and with child like faith tell Him what your dealing with. He is a faithful God and He is able
Photo credit Annette Kasi-Nsubuga

Teaching ‘Happy Fingers’ Piano

I resolved to take up many 12 challenges this year one of which was playing an instrument. This summer two sweet buds volunteered to teach me piano and a new language and for me it was a perfect opportunity to add to my violin lessons since my teacher in and out of the country.
*The piano keys are black and white but they sound like a million colors in your mind*
_Maria Cristina Mena_

Initially i thought it would be as easy as tapping one key after another but i have come to appreciate my “teachers” who have to repeat each lesson 3-4 times. 
Other than enjoying the priceless look on their faces as they struggle not to lose it, i have personally learnt how to practice patience even when people dont deserve it. One requires a power-bank of patience to try again and again and again to teach someone who is easily destructed/diverted for when the natural reserve runs out.
Oh and the classes come with added benefits like an improved posture (one of the teachers practically cringes everytime i slouch, she feels like i am violating piano ethics!!) 
I also read about other benefits like; Eye-hand coordination is developed while playing it can reduce anxiety, stress and lowers blood pressure, affect the mental health of an individual (prevents depression), keeps your ears young and 

It helps with language skills which is a bonus for my extra language ambitions.

My French journey

I have lived in a french speaking country for almost three years but i hardly speak any french apart from a few words here and they to help me get by.

Being in a city that is mainly made up of expatriates, i quickly slipped into a comfortable zone because you cannot fail to find someone who speaks english.

While i can comprehend when someone talks to me, i have come to realise that its somehow rude not to put in an effort to atleast respond in an imperfect sentence and its also limiting my social life to a specific group of people.

I have embarked on taking 45 minutes lessons everyday hopefully by the month i will be able to speak express myself in a sentence or two.

Bonne journée