Wean It

We have all been pregnant at one point. Whether pregnant with a child, a dream or hope.

With pregnancy comes this unspeakable bond only the two of you can explain. If its a child you imagine her smile, who she might take after and the things you will do together, if its a house you think about the nature of furniture you would like, if its a career you envision how calm or nervous you will be giving your first speech.

As long as you carry this pregnancy full-term it becomes really hard to completely let go when it comes to weaning your child. They are always still too young in your eyes and you cannot resist the urge to do just one more thing all the time.

But until you completely let go, you limit growth. You just have to wean your child if you want to see the best of them. Let your child make her own friends, dream her dreams, learn from her mistakes. If its a dream you have always had, wean it off your your note book and take the first leap of faith, if its your project and its stagnant hire a manager, wean it off to someone more experienced. If its pain, wean it and give it God. Don’t you think you have fed it too long.


If you have a hard time weaning staff, think about Hannah. She had to wean and give her child to a half blind old man who had even failed to raise his own sons!!! Remember this is the child she had prayed so hard for that Eli thought she was drunk.

But she let go. It must have been tough. It must have given sleepless nights but she did it anyway. We all know how Samuel’s story ended.
Whatever it is, take it to the Lord and live it there.


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