As i have grown i have learned several things (#Borrowed)

As i have grown i have learned that Life is full of disappointments and people You trust will soon or later let you down.

I have learned that often those you love will love someone else and there is only one way to fall….fast and hard.

I have learned that out of a thousand smiles,it takes one to touch your heart.

I have learned that words can be decieving, but d truth always lies in a person’s eyes.

I have learned that everthing can change in a blink of an eye and tears often come without invitation.

I have learned that crying can make us stronger and there is always too much love to go around.

I have learned that sticks and stones may leave you bruises and cuts but harsh words leave scars.

I have learned that everytime u give someone a piece of your heart, its a piece you will never get back.

I have learned that the past is meant to be put behind us and we cant stay in regret, for what is done is done.

I have learned that trusting yourself is the first step and that forgiving is remembering that it helps you own heart more than theirs.

I have learned that family isnt always blood.

I have learned that life is unexpected and that God is everything.

I have learned that some things arent meant to be understood and that only time heals.

I have found that imagination is our greatest gift and that we are meant to dream for a reason.

I have learned that its never too late to fall in love and that being beautiful is all in the inside.

I have learned that scars are there to remind us that we survived

I have learned that mistakes are our best teachers and that everything happens for a reason
only then can you live life to its full and true prospective


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