My Struggle With Sleep

I resolved yesterday not to stay in bed after 7:30am because waking up any time after that means my whole morning schedule has to be scraped something i cannot afford to do. But my sleeping pattern is quite a mess lately. For the last six weeks or so i find myself wide awake at 4:00am even when i get to bed as early as 21:00 so getting out of bed at 7:00am is such a struggle.

I thought not carrying any gadgets or books to my bedroom would help but it hasn’t made much of a difference. I am visibly worn from sleep deprivation that now its starting to worry me.

Well last evening i told myself that i have to make it to church this morning having missed three Sundays in a row due to the crazy sleep pattern but i woke up at 9:00am leaving me with just five minutes to make it on time for the service.

Every thing in me wanted to just chill because between showering and the train ride, i would be very late but i said not this time. I am not giving in. I made it on time for the sermon which was very encouraging and timely. It felt like it was customized for me. I left feeling really blessed.

Today i will rest in His promise according Psalms 127:2



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