A Gardener’s Love

I am a member of a gardening group The Backyard Gardeners and this week we were challenged to come up with valentine’s poems with gardening themes.

I have never seen a bunch of people who are so passionate about gardening that they attach all their 6 senses with the 6th being green hands to the process.

I thought i should share my poem

In my little garden…

My secrets are safe! I talk about my day while weeding and watering, they listen tirelessly but they never tell.

In my little garden….

hope is alive, i see a dry lifeless seed grow into the most succulent fruit

In my little garden….

I appreciate seasons, from sprouting and blooming to wilting and dying. I make the best of each day because i can’t live it twice

In my little garden

Is a monument of you only i can see. Your beauty in the flowers, your caring heart in the time and attention,  your gentleness in the cool breeze, your homeliness in the nests

In my little garden….

I am reminded of the love i have for you


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