Are they friends or just a crowd!!

Most times we are taken by surprise when the people we thought would take a bullet for us are no where to be found when we need them most.

The questions is, were they ever our friends in the first place??

Yesterday i was blessed to listen to T D Jakes define the 3 different categories of people in our lives  and it got me putting my priorities right.

1) Confidants

These are people who are in our lives for us. They will stand with us during both the highs and lows of life and even when our short-comings would have pushed them away they will stay.

They will love you when you are sweet and when you are “mean old yeller”

They will understand your words as well as your silence. They will know when to speak and when to just provide a shoulder for you to cry as long as you want.

Your confidants are attracted to your personality and intelligence that they will sometimes want to emulate you

2) Constituents

This category of friends includes people who are with you but not there for you. They stick by because they have the same interest as you, therefore they are there because of where you are going. You are their ride!!!

However if they see a fast moving car, they will not hesitate to ditch you and hitch-hike with whoever will get them to reach their destination faster and smoothly. You are their resource and they are never in it for you though on the outside they will play nicer than your confidants

3) Comrades

These are with you because they believe in what you are against. They don’t even have the same goals as you.

They come to you to fight the same enemy and once you kill him (the enemy) they are gone!!! Its like falling in love with your nurse because you have the same enemy, your cancer and once you are better you don’t even contact them.

Knowing the different categories of your friends helps you understand who to share your vital information with and the people you should invest your time and energy in. No one wants to invest where the returns are minimal


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