Monthly Archives: October 2015

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks

Is your mouth a deadly concealed weapon?

Some of us are very good at expressing what is wrong with our partners, children, friends… than articulating what is right.

Its quite sad that we belittle the ones God called us to build up (whether husband/wife/children) by stripping them of their dignity.

What do you say when you are angry? Sometimes it helps to just smile and let someone win than say something that will forever haunt someone

Words stay long after the moment of rage (words do outlive us) and they have power. Be mindful of what you say

You may end up spending most of your live on your knees trying to change what you created by the power of your tongue


Oh Grandpa

My grandpa has passed on

Another part of my identity is gone

My heart is heavy

But i have a perfect legacy left for me.

Beyond What You See

If i had it any other way i would be having a hearty discussion over a cup of hot chocolate with my family.

But has fate dictates i am here staring at emptiness. That what it means to escape death to hopelessness

When you decide to look beyond what the media puts out there, you will realise that i am not chasing just greener pastures, i am after survival for my own, i am looking for hope for my little ones


Its not easy to walk towards uncertainity but everything in my current situation is worth giving a shot.

Love Has a Face

Alone smiling at how blessed i am.
Initially i had pages of what to write on my birthday arranged in my brain but now that i am at it, all i can say is…..

I am blessed

I am loved

I am relevant

I am favored

I am sorrounded by a group of people who prioritise me

And i am grateful for all this


This beautiful patch-work was hand stiched by my nieces for six month!!! And now its mone. What kind of love is that!!


And that my surprise breakfast šŸ˜‰


This swiss bell made me laugh till my sides hurt. I was told i always walk in with so much cheer so they got me something to remind me of how noisy i am

“The face of love is that of  people who see the best in you”