Delayed Grief


Like a mother goose protecting her goslings, she remained strong making sure her sibblings were fine. She took it upon herself to ensure that everything was in place, everyone had eaten.


She stood tall even after the casket was lowered and gave them the brave look. The one that said that i have got your back in all this


She never took off time to grieve, for she had forgotten that she was also a child. Twenty years down the road she has started grieving for her mother. And the pain has come with a vengence. You can see the it in her eyes, you can feel the loss in her voice. She cries herself to sleep. She mourns her mother like they have just broken the news of her death to her. The pain is so much that it gives her panics attacks. She is inconsolabe. If only she had moaned her mother


4 thoughts on “Delayed Grief

  1. cote8050

    so very sad, losing your mother is always hard even when you are an adult.. she is irreplaceable. Grief is an odd thing, comes and goes, gets stronger at unexpected times and fades away when we aren’t looking. the source of your grief never changes but your reaction to it will, stay hopeful and positive and know that there is only grief because there was love… much love and peace to you. Michelle (thank you for reading some of my stuff! and following my blog, I will follow yours!)

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    1. chaste Agnes N Post author

      Thank you so much for your kind words Michelle.
      True the pain creeps in when we least expect it like when something great happens and you wonder how proud she would have been.
      And then it hurts when you cant remember so much about her because you were little when she passed on. But then we hold on to love.
      My mum smiled from her heart, you could see the smile in her eyes too. I see the same graceful smile in one of my nieces.

      Oh and Michelle you are a great writer.


      1. cote8050

        I know what you mean, my mom passed away 22 years ago and even now, when something happens, like the birth of one of my grandchildren I instantly think of calling her to tell her the good news and then the sadness comes back all new again. I guess it will never go but like you said, we will always remember the love too, we can’t have one without the other… I’m sure your mom would be pound of the person you have become, for your depth of feeling especially! Thank you for the complement on my writing, I appreciate it very much! 🙂

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