In My Little Garden


A beautiful harvest is the priceless reward to all the time abd sweat invested

So today in my backyard garden i am planting……

Love; To love back in times when its too painful to love

Gratitude;  To appreciate all the simple things life throws at me

Esteem; To have the confidence to stand tall even when the storm rages on

Trust; To believe that all is well even when i let go of the wheel

Understanding; To have the humility to understand that i am only human and that i can only do so much

Dreams; To have a good enough reason to wake up cheerful every morning well knowing that greater things are to come and that am not only limited to great  things

Smile; To be able to spread joy around

I have come to realize that we cannot give what we do not possess so everything i desire to see has to start within me.

what are you planting this season?


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