It’s Good to Receive Compliments, and it’s Even Better to Give Them.


Pay it forward with free compliments. They are returned in due time.

My mum always encouraged us to say a nice word to someone, preferably a stranger, and her reason was it would be the only word that would light up someone’s day. Well mama, you were right.

Last Thursday was one of those days where everything was so grey right from the moment i woke up. I broke my favorite mug, got fined for travelling without my bus pass which i had forgotten on my bed while i was switching bags, got some marks reduced from my assignment because i submitted it 30 minutes late and i really needed every mark i could to improve my grade.

While everything within me wanted to sit somewhere and cry, after walking for a few minutes, i decided to practice my mum’s theory. I saw this really smart lady in a beautiful summer dress, smiled and told her you are very smart.

She was very surprised, very excited, you could almost touch the joy. She moved closer, hugged me and handed me the paper bag she was holding. I tried to hand it back to her but she insisted and said its a very humble gift from her for making her happy. She went on to say that not even her only daughter has been that good to her without expecting anything in return. She hugged me again so hard and wished me so many fruitful years ahead.

I did not just take home a pack of chocolates but also a heart so full and fruitful blessings for years to come that i was so cheerful the rest of the week.
I have decided compliment someone everyday for the next 90 days because i could be the only smile they will get.


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