The Three Things I Now Know

Family is not always blood


When people cross our paths its for a reason, sometimes it may be just for a season but for those who cross our paths and find a home in our hearts, it is beyond a reason it is a blessing. They become our family by choice.


You were never a bad seed
People may belittle us, hurt us and ridicule us into thinking we are worthless by the way they treat us, the impolite remarks they make and the manner in which they handle our mistakes. Before we know it we shrink ourselves to the”small” position.
But after they throw you away, you effortlessly sprout. And that is when it dawns on you that you are actually not a bad seed after all. Its the weather (the lack of affirmation, love and support) in the past that did not facilitate our germination and growth.
And just a change of atmosphere (acceptance, self-worth and love) have seen you flowering


Happiness lies in the things we love and  time heals all wounds.
The simplest things in love leave the biggest impacts in our lives. It can be an unexpected compliment, a timely hug, a listen ear or an attitude of gratitude. We do not need much to be happy. Just make every moment count.

Everything takes time. You cannot rush healing or change. Sometimes we just have to stop keeping up appearances and let the human bit of us show. Cry, laugh, take some lone time to let ourselves rejuvinate. Covering up is just a temporary fix. Wash off the make up and be you. And with time it does get better


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