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Delayed Grief


Like a mother goose protecting her goslings, she remained strong making sure her sibblings were fine. She took it upon herself to ensure that everything was in place, everyone had eaten.


She stood tall even after the casket was lowered and gave them the brave look. The one that said that i have got your back in all this


She never took off time to grieve, for she had forgotten that she was also a child. Twenty years down the road she has started grieving for her mother. And the pain has come with a vengence. You can see the it in her eyes, you can feel the loss in her voice. She cries herself to sleep. She mourns her mother like they have just broken the news of her death to her. The pain is so much that it gives her panics attacks. She is inconsolabe. If only she had moaned her mother


Pinkie Swear


And when i asked for their secret ingredients, this is all i got

The little munchkins have been at it again. This week they decided to make us surprise dinner. The tastiest dinner i have had in days.


Tuesday treat; Grilled chiclen breast, mashed potatoe and stew.

So the curious me asks for their secret ingredients and they look at each the other and give off a cheeky smile, the one they always flash after they have made a pinkie swear and they scribbled something on a yellow sticky note.


Thursday treat; steak, rice and gravy

Well i may never know the secret to the nice meals apart from salt but i know the speacial feeling that comes with the meal. It is called L.O.V.E

In My Little Garden


A beautiful harvest is the priceless reward to all the time abd sweat invested

So today in my backyard garden i am planting……

Love; To love back in times when its too painful to love

Gratitude;  To appreciate all the simple things life throws at me

Esteem; To have the confidence to stand tall even when the storm rages on

Trust; To believe that all is well even when i let go of the wheel

Understanding; To have the humility to understand that i am only human and that i can only do so much

Dreams; To have a good enough reason to wake up cheerful every morning well knowing that greater things are to come and that am not only limited to great  things

Smile; To be able to spread joy around

I have come to realize that we cannot give what we do not possess so everything i desire to see has to start within me.

what are you planting this season?

I Just Want My Friend Back


I stand in our usual spot hoping you will show up. We always had something silly to share



I worry that two small words "PRIDE and EGO" are trying to rob us of what is rightfully ours. The memories our hearts have built from scratch. 💔


Even when you show up the distance is still felt. We each feel miles apart yet we used to find comfort in each other's words as well as our silence 😒😒


What seemed minor has left us broken, bruised and with big scars


I guess it's time to get out of my cacoon, break the ice or just say it as it is


I guess what i am trying to say is I WANT MY FRIEND BACK

It’s Good to Receive Compliments, and it’s Even Better to Give Them.


Pay it forward with free compliments. They are returned in due time.

My mum always encouraged us to say a nice word to someone, preferably a stranger, and her reason was it would be the only word that would light up someone’s day. Well mama, you were right.

Last Thursday was one of those days where everything was so grey right from the moment i woke up. I broke my favorite mug, got fined for travelling without my bus pass which i had forgotten on my bed while i was switching bags, got some marks reduced from my assignment because i submitted it 30 minutes late and i really needed every mark i could to improve my grade.

While everything within me wanted to sit somewhere and cry, after walking for a few minutes, i decided to practice my mum’s theory. I saw this really smart lady in a beautiful summer dress, smiled and told her you are very smart.

She was very surprised, very excited, you could almost touch the joy. She moved closer, hugged me and handed me the paper bag she was holding. I tried to hand it back to her but she insisted and said its a very humble gift from her for making her happy. She went on to say that not even her only daughter has been that good to her without expecting anything in return. She hugged me again so hard and wished me so many fruitful years ahead.

I did not just take home a pack of chocolates but also a heart so full and fruitful blessings for years to come that i was so cheerful the rest of the week.
I have decided compliment someone everyday for the next 90 days because i could be the only smile they will get.

The Three Things I Now Know

Family is not always blood


When people cross our paths its for a reason, sometimes it may be just for a season but for those who cross our paths and find a home in our hearts, it is beyond a reason it is a blessing. They become our family by choice.


You were never a bad seed
People may belittle us, hurt us and ridicule us into thinking we are worthless by the way they treat us, the impolite remarks they make and the manner in which they handle our mistakes. Before we know it we shrink ourselves to the”small” position.
But after they throw you away, you effortlessly sprout. And that is when it dawns on you that you are actually not a bad seed after all. Its the weather (the lack of affirmation, love and support) in the past that did not facilitate our germination and growth.
And just a change of atmosphere (acceptance, self-worth and love) have seen you flowering


Happiness lies in the things we love and  time heals all wounds.
The simplest things in love leave the biggest impacts in our lives. It can be an unexpected compliment, a timely hug, a listen ear or an attitude of gratitude. We do not need much to be happy. Just make every moment count.

Everything takes time. You cannot rush healing or change. Sometimes we just have to stop keeping up appearances and let the human bit of us show. Cry, laugh, take some lone time to let ourselves rejuvinate. Covering up is just a temporary fix. Wash off the make up and be you. And with time it does get better