Celebrating friendship


Friends care

So many years ago while at a friend’s place i met a small boy with very inquisitive eyes.

Yap, small boy, unquisitive eyes and laid back attitude is all i saw. Not until he opened his mouth and blubbered away. You rarely meet people can talk your ear off yet every word that flows from their mouth is very poetic and with deep meaning.

I am a person who loves mystery so having to derive several intelligent meanings from a single statement got me hooked. I made a good friend that day.

Several years later i meet this friend again. He wasnt the small boy i knew. His profile had some more eye catching additions; wittiness, determation, success, and the highest level of intergrity. He was a person of his word.

Today this “small boy” hits another milestone, he is a year older. But it doesnt stop at that. His profile comes with other titles he bears with so much modesty. He is a friend indeed. Not just company but a FRIEND. When he adds you to his circles, just know you are his life hostage. He will always be there.

Happy birthday to “The Small Boy”


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