The Sun Will Set Anyway

I mastered the art of self affirmation. It comes with experience from the cycle life takes us through.
While the wind is bound to blow us in various unplanned destination, we can choose to adopt and sail against the tides or just let ourselves be debris, washed off to the great unknown after the storm has calm.

Well you see i lost my mum at a very young age and though my dad loved me so dearly, he was the was the type who would never say it but his action spoke louder than any words he would have said. So along the way i learned to to pat myself on the back and to verbalize all the actions my amazing self-sacrificing father did. Not because i was some ungrateful bitch but because i also longed for the sound of those actions; i needed a verbal affirmation.

This amazing man never remarried despite having eight children to raise by himself. Five beautiful girls and three boys who loved acting brave yet deep within you could see the emptiness in their eyes. You wouldn’t blame them for they were their father’s sons.


The Sun Will Set Anyway

He labored on, walked tall yet whenever he had some time to himself, he would stare in a distance and you could almost read his thoughts. I bet all that was running in his mind were the consoling words, “The Sun Will Set Anyway”

The corners of his eyes would loosen, as he reclined at the patio and let off his routine deep sigh at every sunset.
I bet this was in acknowledgement of the fact that the sun has set anyway.

From this bravery, i learned to walk ahead despite the direction of the winds, to put my best foot forward even when the morning tries to hit me with gloom. For i know at the back of my mind…..

The Sun Will Set Anyway



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