Because Your Heart is Just as Big

There is this unexplained wave of fullness that sweeps my heart whenever i am around kids. It even becomes more real listening to their unending bubbly tales, their spontanous acts of love like un solicited hugs, the genuine yet innocent compliments or remarks they throw and the rather catchy chuckles.

The fondest memory i have of my mum was the proud and satisfied look on her face after i had shared my day’s events (i went on and on and on). Not that the rest dont matter but you see… i lost my mum when i was eleven and i dont really recall much about her but that really stands out. And for that reason alone i purpose to leave a lasting memory in the lives of kids i come into contact with. Something they may one day hold on to.

This sunday while teaching children in sunday school about how big God’s heart is, i gave them as many ways as possible abouy how Gods love is manifest in our lives. To demonstrate i used a big heart shaped balloon to show how big the size of His heart is and one kid goes on to say

“I love so much because your heart is just as big”


Your Heart is Just as Big

I have not stopped smiling since because of the aunthentic love that was shared with me. A priceless reward for listening tirelessly, laughing till it hurts, accepting bites from tiny loving messy hands, playing house with imaginary princesses.

Now i know its true. Its just so rewarding to give


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