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Celebrating friendship


Friends care

So many years ago while at a friend’s place i met a small boy with very inquisitive eyes.

Yap, small boy, unquisitive eyes and laid back attitude is all i saw. Not until he opened his mouth and blubbered away. You rarely meet people can talk your ear off yet every word that flows from their mouth is very poetic and with deep meaning.

I am a person who loves mystery so having to derive several intelligent meanings from a single statement got me hooked. I made a good friend that day.

Several years later i meet this friend again. He wasnt the small boy i knew. His profile had some more eye catching additions; wittiness, determation, success, and the highest level of intergrity. He was a person of his word.

Today this “small boy” hits another milestone, he is a year older. But it doesnt stop at that. His profile comes with other titles he bears with so much modesty. He is a friend indeed. Not just company but a FRIEND. When he adds you to his circles, just know you are his life hostage. He will always be there.

Happy birthday to “The Small Boy”


Tomorrow She is Never Again Four Years Old (Not Even One Dot)

What a love!!

jen groeber: mama art

I look at the clock and it’s 11:34 pm. I picture my newly minted five-year-old, asleep in her bed, covered with the Hello Kitty blanket I stayed up until past midnight last night to make, her hands curled under her ear, like the fiddlehead ferns she begged me to buy in the grocery store last week. I wonder, does she know that she has twenty-six minutes (now twenty) left of being in the in-between?

Because on her birthday this morning, she began as a four-year-old. And four-year-olds are young. They’re like babies. They go to pre-school. They say things like, “I liked it, but only one dot,” and everyone nods in wonderment. They are allowed to lisp. They always get right of way, whether on a bike or in a pool or playing Skipbo. Because they’re just four. And everyone else, at least everyone else in my house…

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The Sun Will Set Anyway

I mastered the art of self affirmation. It comes with experience from the cycle life takes us through.
While the wind is bound to blow us in various unplanned destination, we can choose to adopt and sail against the tides or just let ourselves be debris, washed off to the great unknown after the storm has calm.

Well you see i lost my mum at a very young age and though my dad loved me so dearly, he was the was the type who would never say it but his action spoke louder than any words he would have said. So along the way i learned to to pat myself on the back and to verbalize all the actions my amazing self-sacrificing father did. Not because i was some ungrateful bitch but because i also longed for the sound of those actions; i needed a verbal affirmation.

This amazing man never remarried despite having eight children to raise by himself. Five beautiful girls and three boys who loved acting brave yet deep within you could see the emptiness in their eyes. You wouldn’t blame them for they were their father’s sons.


The Sun Will Set Anyway

He labored on, walked tall yet whenever he had some time to himself, he would stare in a distance and you could almost read his thoughts. I bet all that was running in his mind were the consoling words, “The Sun Will Set Anyway”

The corners of his eyes would loosen, as he reclined at the patio and let off his routine deep sigh at every sunset.
I bet this was in acknowledgement of the fact that the sun has set anyway.

From this bravery, i learned to walk ahead despite the direction of the winds, to put my best foot forward even when the morning tries to hit me with gloom. For i know at the back of my mind…..

The Sun Will Set Anyway


Because Your Heart is Just as Big

There is this unexplained wave of fullness that sweeps my heart whenever i am around kids. It even becomes more real listening to their unending bubbly tales, their spontanous acts of love like un solicited hugs, the genuine yet innocent compliments or remarks they throw and the rather catchy chuckles.

The fondest memory i have of my mum was the proud and satisfied look on her face after i had shared my day’s events (i went on and on and on). Not that the rest dont matter but you see… i lost my mum when i was eleven and i dont really recall much about her but that really stands out. And for that reason alone i purpose to leave a lasting memory in the lives of kids i come into contact with. Something they may one day hold on to.

This sunday while teaching children in sunday school about how big God’s heart is, i gave them as many ways as possible abouy how Gods love is manifest in our lives. To demonstrate i used a big heart shaped balloon to show how big the size of His heart is and one kid goes on to say

“I love so much because your heart is just as big”


Your Heart is Just as Big

I have not stopped smiling since because of the aunthentic love that was shared with me. A priceless reward for listening tirelessly, laughing till it hurts, accepting bites from tiny loving messy hands, playing house with imaginary princesses.

Now i know its true. Its just so rewarding to give