Who Am I To You

When my back is turned and am out of sight, When the sun has set and the moon has claimed its position, When the windows are closed and the curtains are drawn, When distance stands between us and the camouflage is off, Who Am I To You?

Am i the colorful petals with a scent so fresh, brightening your day; or am the thorn on the stalk pricking you every now and then, restricting your ability to embrace the complete beauty of the rose

Am i the moonlight on that dark gloomy day, lighting your path so that every step is smooth and clear; or am the creepy shadow that appears with the disappearing of the sun, following you everywhere an crowding your me-time

Am i the early morning bird, singing sweetly by your window, reminding you that everyday is a blessing from God and that my soft song is just another melody of praise; or am just the usual squeaky voice, irritably mumbling and bubbling by your window, interrupting your beauty sleep

Am i the soft calm breeze brushing your skin during your leisure walk, reminding you to be still and find peace in the fact that our God is God indeed, and that even after the storms in life, there is a place within us where calmness abides and that place is the friendship we share; or am that untimely chill, giving you that undesired shiver, causing you to cave in an build a protective wall around yourself

20141223_172647 (1)

“Words Can Be Deceiving. The Truth Always Lies In Someones Eyes”

Who am i when my back is turned and distance creates the convenient space, Who am i when the gates and stone walls create a clear barricade between us, Who am i when the hugs we share leave us staring in different spaces, The person you see when we are not smiling face to face and my heart is as real as it can be; That’s Who I Am To You


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