I can see such deep pain in your eyes. You hide it perfectly with that sweet shy smile. I really want to help but I can tell you aren’t ready to talk about it.

So I will just curl up next to you and hold your hand. I hope that’s a sign of assurance that I am always here.

Love Loss Brokenness

Do you think of me

Do random things remind you of me

Because when the birds sing I think of you

Sharing our favorite songs

When the long grass brushes on my skin I think of you

Telling crazy stories

I’m lying under the tree watching the sky

Would you have laid back with me

To make up stories about what the swirling leaves would be saying to us

Do you think of me

When your phone goes quiet

Do you think of me

Wondering what my next text would be

Or how I would react to your pictures or chats

Do you randomly check your phone

To see if I have written but nothing is there

And your heart sinks a bit

Wondering what I’m doing!

Do you think of me

If things hadn’t changed

Do you imagine our second date?

Would you have hugged me so tight

Or you would have gone for the official three cheek kiss

Would you have been nervous, or too excited to care!

Do you replay this trip in your head?

Would we have sat side by side

Holding hands, head on my shoulder

Watching the sun set

Would it have been a great date!

Love Loss Brokenness

I lay here staring at the ceiling

Waiting by my phone

I’m tired of this lonely feeling

No body knows it’s empty, the smile that I wear

Nobody thinks I’m hurting, they think that I’m strong

Nobody knows I miss you, they think I’m all set free

Nobody knows I need you, they think I can do it on my own

I loved how you said you will always be there

But is this the illusion I always dreaded

Love Loss Brokenness

This is the voice of my aching heart, and believe it’s true

You showered your love on me for a very short duration

True love has got the power to conquer all inhibitions

You stole my mind , and took over my heart

I love you with a forbidden love, yet I can’t stop

I want to love you openly, without fear or reservation

But this love is forbidden, so I hide it